This is not your typical notes app!

In simpler times, if someone had a thought, they might jot it down in a notebook. If they had another thought, it would go right below the earlier one. No need for organizing, tagging, editing, or correcting old mistakes. If something became distracting, or if it was a TODO item that was done, it could just be crossed out.

This app is that: a note taking app reminiscent of pen and paper, where the only form of organization was the sequence the notes were written in. With Appended, if you have a thought, you append it to your only ongoing note. If some entry is no longer relevant, you can cross it out, or delete it, but there is no temptation – because there’s no ability – to edit or organize.

Appended differs from a paper notebook in only two ways:

  • Notes are (optionally) rendered in markdown, allowing you to emphasize, embolden, or italicize text, or add links to websites you come across
  • Notes are full searchable, making it much easier to find something you wrote months ago buried among all your other great ideas

Other great features:

  • Encrypted notes sync securely across all your devices (requires iCloud)
  • Create notes using Siri by simply saying “Create a note using Appended”
  • View or add notes straight from your Apple Watch
  • Easily toggle markdown
  • Optionally hide entries that don’t match your search results for a cleaner view, or show them to provide some extra context
  • Strikethrough notes that are no longer important to you, or optionally hide them. Easily toggle whether they’re included in search results
  • Share individual notes
  • Copy notes to your clipboard

Features Appended does NOT have:

  • Complicated organization that makes you wonder where you’ve put old notes
  • Super flexible organization that makes you feel guilty when you just need to write something down so you don’t forget it
  • Todo lists that grow faster than you can manage, resulting in you never using it anymore
  • Complicated sorting
  • Editing existing notes


Appended doesn’t collect, store, or share any of your data. If you use iCloud, your notes are stored encrypted in iCloud to sync across your devices. If you do not use iCloud, your content stays entirely on the device. Apple provides me with installation statistics that are annonymous, and you have the option to provide me with crash reports if you choose to.


If you are having problems with Appended, let me know!. I’ll do my best to help out!