Every workday from 2007 through 2011, I took a bit of a journey to get to work. I’d first ride a public bike to get my daily breakfast, an egg pancake made by the world’s greatest egg pancake master. I’d continue through the southern streets of the city, past the train station and a few rivers, until I arrived at 金衙庄, a neighborhood near the train station.

I’d wait there with Master Fei and the gang for anywhere from a few minutes to 45 for the company bus to come pick us up. From there, the trip to the factory would take as little as twenty minutes or as long as an hour and a half (the record was set this winter, clocking in at over three hours).

This is a short video I put together entirely on my iPhone 4 of the first leg: the bike ride to 金衙庄.

(Forgive the shakiness – it’s harder than it looks to film and ride at the same time!)