I went on a bike trip early last week with a good friend and some of his old teammates. I got a lot of hours in on the saddle, and it was amazing. I had a chance to think through some decisions I need to make, and mostly just had my first vacation in ages.</p>

I got home late Wednesday night, feeling a bit sniffly. Thursday came and my cold had gotten worse. By Friday afternoon, I was completely depleted and - though this is something I almost never want - I just wanted to crawl into bed and not move.

So I did.

And today, I did much the same. Well, I discovered and beat three new galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy, finished up season one of House of Cards, made one of the last steps necessary to completely remove Gmail from my life, and when my wife came home watched a hilarious and horrible Chinese movie.

I feel like a complete turd. I generally can’t stand not doing stuff all the time. So hopefully it paid off and I’ll feel fine tomorrow.


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