Locking Your Screen with Launchbar

One of the very few things I enjoy about using Windows is the easy ability to lock your computer with the simple key command windows-l. Macs don’t have anything so simple, except to use your mouse (ugh!) and hot corners (ugh! ugh!). 

On my personal Mac, this bugged me enough that I wrote an AppleScript that essentially looked through available menu bar items until it found “Lock Screen”, and then executed it. I then added the script to LaunchBar, so I could do it by simply pressing ctrl-space then l.

I just got a new computer for work, and didn’t want to rewrite that annoying script, which even before was a workaround at best.

Instead, I found that LaunchBar has a “start screen saver” command. I assigned to it the abbreviation “lock”, so now I can easily start the screen saver (which I configured to require a password immediately), and the screen gets locked.


#software #osx

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