iPhone Update, iPod Woes

Last night, after too many hours trying to download it, I successfully updated my iPhone’s operating system to iOS 4.2.1, the newest available version. Everything seemed to go along without a hitch. That is, until this morning, when I wanted to listen to some tunes on my way to work. Instead of all my music, I saw this rather frightening message:

ummmm... uh oh

No Content.

Whatever could this mean, i wondered. I’ve seen this sort of thing before in the Photos app after an OS update, but never music. Fearing that I stopped the sync part way through, I checked in the Settings app’s about section, and saw that I still certainly had quite a bit of music. 

A bit frustrated, I grabbed my iPod shuffle and forgot about it. 

But today during lunch, I figured out a fix. And it’s easy. I borrowed my wife’s laptop, which doesn’t have my iTunes library, plugged in my iPhone. As usual, iTunes said my phone is synced to another library, and asked if i wanted to continue. I said yes, and the instant my iPhone said “sync in progress”, I canceled. It took a while to update my music, but then bingo. 

My music is back, available, and rockin’.

#ipod #ios #badapple

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