On iTunes, Playcounts, and Strategies

i just learned some startling news. i’ve been up since about 4am, jetlagged, playing around with my computers because i haven’t been able to for so long. in organizing some of my tv shows for my upcoming two week trip (in a few hours, only about 18 hours after arriving), i noticed something horrible.

months ago, i found that my playcounts, that sacred little integer associated with every song, movie, or tv show, were zero for lots of tv shows and movies that i know i’ve seen, on my itunes, before. and now i know why.

when my itunes library started to grow beyond the size of my iPod, thanks to benji’s mission to get nearly every movie and tv show on his hard drive, i developed a system for syncing my iPod. that system, in regards to tv shows, is simple: depending on the phase i’m going through, i have my iPod take the next ten unwatched episodes of whatever show i choose. i have a big iPod, so i usually do this for about 8 shows such that i could scratch any potential itch: house for a quality 42 minute show, arrested development for a quick laugh, which i’ve seen so many times before that i don’t mind not paying too much attention, curb your enthusiasm for a slower, hilarious, 30 minute show, etc.

the way itunes knows if i’ve watched it or not is a simple boolean per track that marks it as either new or not new. if you want to change from new to not new, or vice versa, you simply select the track and open a menu to change it.


marking a tv show or movie as new sets your playcount to zero!!! what the hell, apple! that makes no sense! (well i guess it sort of does, but it’s really irritating, especially because i haven’t noticed in for years).

so now i’ll need a new system for syncing tv shows and movies. meh.

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