Peter J Compernolle


With a BA in mathematics and computer science from Colorado College, I have always been drawn to solving complex problems. I've spent over four years analyzing data and customizing software for an international manufacturing company while living in China, started two companies, lead a team of engineers, been lead engineer on several projects, and have built some pretty amazing things.

I am currently looking to exercise and practice my skills in the software development process and to make awesome stuff, and to grow as much as I can as an engineer.


Vibes Media — November 2016 - present

  • Principal Software Engineer & Team Lead

    Apple Wallet & Google Pay

    • Service oriented architecture with primarily Rails applications

    • High throughput applications hosting hundreds of millions of active passes

    Push Notification Frameworks

    • Designed, contributed to, and maintained iOS and Android frameworks providing easy integration with platform driven push notifications via APNS (iOS) and Firebase Messaging Service (Android)

    • Managed offshore team for continued development

Side Projects / Out of Something, LLC — December 2012 - present

  • Station to Station (website, app store)

    • An iOS app for finding bikeshare docks or stations closest to your origin or destination. The app, written in Swift, uses my BikeshareKit framework, which contacts my private API, built using the micro framework Grape. The associated website is built using Sinatra.

    • Station to Station is an app I use nearly every day. It’s also been a great way to keep up with the latest available iOS features, like geofencing, 3D Touch, and in-app purchases

    No JS (app store)

    • A dead simple iOS app for quickly viewing a website with Javascript disabled.

    • Uses iOS Action Extension to view links or the current webpage. Great for debugging, web development, or preventing finicky JS from ruining your browsing experience.

    Out of Pages (no longer in operation)

    • Notebook subscriptions. Built initially with CodeIngniter and then Laravel 3

    • Cofounding Out of Pages, I learned what it means to run a business and evaluate cost/benefit tradeoffs with real consequences

One Design Company — November 2014 - November 2016

  • Senior Software Engineer


    • As lead engineer, I enforced strict code review, development, and deployment processes

    • Worked with clients to determine ideal solutions and timelines, providing them with options of varying cost/benefit

    Noteworthy iOS Projects

    • Eastman Egg Company — Principal engineer, Swift / Rails (read more)

    • Hesta Home — Principal engineer, Swift / Firebase

    Noteworthy Web Projects

Wellspring Worldwide — April 2013 - November 2014

  • Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead

    • Lead an agile team using Test Driven Development and a focus on the software development process

    • Build upon years-old proprietary PHP framework to improve speed, security, and reliability

Parsecco, Inc — March 2012 - April 2013

  • Technical Cofounder, CTO

    • Lead developer and architect of, built on the LAMP stack in CodeIgniter and later Laravel

    • was an elegant, robust, and scalable website. I learned more during this year than I ever thought possible.

    • I had to try. And we did some great stuff until the well ran dry.

Bray International, Inc — August 2007 - March 2012

  • Microsoft SQL Database Administrator, specializing in data analysis & integration — 2009 - 2012


    • BI development and major data integrations with third parties, architect of new data warehouse for aggregating and reporting

    Noteworthy Projects:

    • Replaced a reporting system that took over eight hours for each of 40+ companies daily with one with better error handling that took less than twelve minutes to run for all companies, and could be re-run at any time
  • ERP Software Developer (2009-2012) & Conversion Specialist (2007-2009, 2011-2012): ERP MK & ERP LN


    • Work closely with the business team to build customization and issue bug fixes for otherwise unsupported software

    • Configure software to suit local government or business requirements, and train users, in Mandarin and English

    Noteworthy Projects:

    • Successfully implemented in more than a dozen offices in China, as well as major manufacturing facilities in China, the US, Vietnam, and India


Languages & Platforms

  • Web Development

    • LAMP/PHP (incl. Laravel, CraftCMS, Zend, CodeIgniter) — 14yrs
    • Ruby (incl. Rails, Sinatra, Jekyll) — 7yrs
    • Javascript (vanilla, jquery, node.js, etc) — 12yrs
  • Mobile Application Development

    • iOS Application and Framework Development — 5yrs
    • Apple Wallet, Google Pay — 3yrs
    • Push / Rich Push via APNS, Firebase Messaging Service — 3yrs

Data & Data Systems

  • Relational — MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL — 15yrs

  • Document Store / Schema-less — 6yrs

  • Hyperion Essbase — 2yrs, including certification from Perficient, Inc, in Houston (2011)


  • Infrastructure — Chef, Docker, AWS

  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese


Colorado College — 2003 - 2006

  • BA, Mathematics & Computer Science

    • Received Howard Hughes Institute scholarship, 2003

    • Tutor of Mathematics and Computer Science — 2005 - 2007

    • Minor in Asian studies